Selected project – johanna bendlin, Laura villeret, falma fshazi – make ines stay ?

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Make Ines Stay?
A stroller passed by, moving fast in the narrow street. A horse passed, moving fast yet not galloping, in the narrow street. A husky passed by running, following the stroller to which he was attached by a belt in the narrow street. A hedgehog had stopped moving and was lying down in the narrow street. Its intestines were splashed out along a sidewalk of the narrow street. The deer behind the metal fence could not see this narrow street. They heard all the sounds of the bumpy narrow streets. Ines hugged the horse and took her through the narrow street. The street kept getting narrower and warmer as the shiny big metals rolled on the streets. Ines kept walking, taking Légende toward the corn field. Rapeseed fields appeared and disappeared within the trees where the wild boar hid anxiously. “There must be another place,” she kept saying while breathing heavily. Towards the end of the longest narrow street, the sun was burning. A voice rose within whispers through the waves of heat. “This way…” it said. This moist sound echoed, adorned with many children’s voices. It was spreading from everywhere and nowhere. It looked like the eyes of the deer were speaking. For the first time in her life she was hearing the voice of a staring silence The big eyes of the deer. The nude sound of the eyes. Mesmerized and resigned, she followed the voice. To the castle. Ines passed a fence with no opening or door in view. The horses and the dog followed her. Then she saw children following them. Over their heads, a hedgehog was flying. They went into the trees, walking through warm grass. The horses were suddenly drinking in the pond. The husky too, the wild boar adjacent to him. Other horses as well- her Ribaldi, Jason, and Cowboy- appeared around the pond. The deer were not close, yet their eyes kept staring. The hedgehog was finally sitting on the back of her pony, Ribaldi (or Didi, as his closest knew him). The sounds of children and birds were competing with each other. She looked at the castle. Its windows were butterflies moving their wings to the sun. Ines forgot where she was headed. The heavy breathing of the narrow street did not follow her in here. Suddenly, her cheeks became reddish. She took a step and then another towards the pond. Then she felt the water against her belly. She laid down. The pond held her. She heard the sounds of horses enjoying the water, the butterfly windows, the eyes of the deer, the children, the birds. Some voices also came from the narrow streets, blending with all the others. She kept paying attention. The pond kept holding her safe and close amid the narrow streets.
Project explanation: Everydayness can be utopia, and utopia can be everydayness. Our project, “Make Ines Stay?”, is inspired by the true story of a young girl named Ines Izemrane, living in Liverdy-en-Brie (77220) in Seine-et-Marne, France. It takes into account the current condition and potential of this village, located 25 minutes train from Paris Gare de l’Est. We are sending you this perspective detachable into few other ones, much like this place[1]an actual one embedded in numerous invisible possibilities.