Selected project – Pavel Kosenkov – Achkarren, Growing and sustainable village

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Achkarren – Growing and Sustainable Village
The “Achkarren: Growing and Sustainable Village” project presents an innovative
and unique perspective on the future development of rural settlements. In an era
where cities are losing their allure and villages are becoming new centers of life,
my project focuses on a completely fresh concept of rural living.
Against the backdrop of natural beauty and centuries-old history, Achkarren
aspires to be not just a village, but a hub of dynamic and sustainable growth. The
amalgamation of ideas like “collaborative farming,” “transport hub,”
“multifunctional center,” and other innovative practices results in a blueprint of the
future – a community actively contributing to its prosperity while preserving its
cultural and architectural essence.
The synergy of modern technology and unique traditions makes my project
appealing to both residents and tourists alike. New approaches to energy using
solar and wind power, multifunctional centers, village integration through transport
nodes – all contribute to our goal of not just being sustainable but also innovative.
Special emphasis is given to the social aspect, ensuring inclusivity for all strata of
society. Creating an environment where residents can exchange experiences and
ideas is an integral part of my concept, fostering a spirit of collaboration and trust
within the community.
My project also places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and integration with the
environment. Architectural and cultural heritage are integral to my village,
underlining the significance of preserving and respecting history.The innovative
ideas are infused with positivity, intertwining with my commitment to sustainable
development and flourishing.
As this vision extends, neighboring villages adopt a similar principle of
development, forming a robust ecological network. Each village contributes to a
stable and interconnected system, resulting in a thriving regional ecosystem that
benefits everyone. This approach amplifies the impact and potential for
sustainable growth, creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and
The “Achkarren: Growing and Sustainable Village” project is a path to a new village
identity, bridging contemporary needs and a rich legacy. I take pride in my
creative approach, regional integration, social inclusivity, aesthetic appeal, and
humor. My village is where the future finds its home.